Sunday, February 3, 2008

2008 Election

Wow! Has it really been a year since I last posted? I guess so. Well, the only reason I wanted to write this morning was to give my full support to Barak Obama. He's my man! So VOTE OBAMA in 2008!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Council Has Voted...

...and unfortunately decided to renounce omnivorous mind status from Nzingha Clarke until she's proven more omnivorous and, more importantly, has half a mind to maintain this blog.

We have spoken.

The Council of OM.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Here is a list of books I'm currently reading, thinking about reading or just read (along with some accompanying thoughts):

The Tipping Point
- Re-read this for the 3rd time. It never gets stale and I always carry away something I hadn't held onto the time before.

How I Live Now - It's a YA book. It took me 2 tries to get past page 50. But I was rewarded once I did.

You're Wearing That? - Deborah Tannen is a linguist made famous by her book You Just Don't Understand in the 1980s. That book still holds up and now as she writes on daughters and mothers and the way the communicate. I see my own mother on more pages than not. Fascinating.

At the moment I'm whipping through two good folks I've been meaning to read: Buckminster Fuller (famous for Bucky Balls and the geodesic dome) and Robert Coles (known for his interviews with children and the aged).

I've already read Fuller's I Seem to Be a Verb, so I such add that.

I'm chewing slowly through A Beginner's Guide to Quantum Physics (oops, I almost wrote psychics. I'd read that book too if it existed). It's a great read but I haven't yet put in as much time as I need to if I'm going to walk away from the book with the concepts in my head.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Performance of "God's Rent Boy"

This is the information for a special performance of one of my works. I tried to link to the site, but for some reason the site wasn't working. So here is the relevant information:

March 9, 2007
Box Office opens at 7:30pm
Performance begins at 8:00pm

Tonight's performance: Nzingha Clarke, God's Rent Boy
LOCATION: Auditorium
CONTACT: Madeline Gabriel
PHONE: 310.288.2261

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Watch this space

Welcome to my blog. As the site name suggests, there will be a little bit of quite a lot, coz my mind works that way.

In large part this site exists because of my friend Sam (aka Stormcrow Hayes) who may just want a break from being pelted with the odd and sundry information that fills my head. Oh yeah, and there's that article he wrote about me. (click here)

Sam tells me that the problem with bloggers is that they start full of enthusiasm but soon peeter out to once a month postings and then finally, every few months. I'll have to hope this blog doesn't meet the same fate. But it may. I make no promises.

Have I ever told you how I invented blogs? I was living in Amsterdam and hanging out with these two wonderful techheads (Alan Miller and Manfred Poppenk). They were both online and fully geeked with all manner of good tech and daily, I looked over their shoulders, salivating over the existence of email and websites. That was in 1995 and when I returned to the US and got an email account of my own I thought, 'I wish there was a way to have a website without being a company. If I had a site I'd keep lists of what I was reading and listening to, and the recipes I'm working on, and my friends could look at my site and recommend books and music and recipes and tell me what they thought of whatever I'd recommended. And maybe I'd even make some new friends that way.' It was a good idea, no?

So the question is: if I invented blogging in 1995, why did it take me so long to get a blog of my own? Good question. Answer: I was busy.

Welcome to my head. I hope you'll send me ideas and suggestions to feed it. Music is great. Books are even better. Knitting patterns will be rewarded with unending affection. Recipes will also get you lots of love.

the OM